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Without volunteers the church and its call to mission would not exist. This makes both the recruitment and retention of staff one of the most important parts of your ministry.

Here are 7 Ways to Double Your Staff


Make friends. Are you engaging new people? The best way to recruit is to recruit through relationships. Make it a point to get to know new people in the church, take them to lunch and build community. Encourage your team to recruit their friends.



Watch your language. How are you describing and talking about your ministry? How is your staff talking about the ministry? Others will be attracted to passion and vision. When you talk about your ministry, make sure you use compelling and exciting language. 


  • Note: Your staff can be your greatest recruiters or your biggest detractors. Cast vision and teach them how to talk passionately about the ministry.


Don't say, "No" for them. Are you discounting people before you even ask? Some people are just waiting to say, "yes!" Don't let the fear of a possible "no" stop you from making the ask.


Make recruitment a regular part of your ministry's schedule. Are you depending on the next church membership class to provide new teammates for your ministry? Schedule recruiting on purpose throughout the year.


Learn to explain the purpose before the task. Are you recruiting with the why in mind? Share why you need volunteers, what the job is, and how to do it--in that order.


Let people try it before they commit. Consider offering someone an opportunity to shadow the ministry for a few weeks to help them decide.


Treat your current staff well. How is the morale of your current team? Sometimes the best recruitment strategy is a healthy, passionate staff. Here are a few ways to ensure they are healthy.

  • Honor and celebrate your staff often.

  • Communicate with them openly and frequently..  

  • Allow volunteers to quit honorably.

  • Care for the team well and manage the system with excellence!  

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