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Because we exist to inspire discipleship everywhere, it is vital that all leaders at Inspire Church look for opportunities to regularly encourage teammates to take their next steps of discipleship.

Here are 8 Next Steps you can encourage your teammates to take all year long!


Have you considered attending Connects? Christian community and accountability is essential to the health of a disciple. Invite them to come to your Connect with you!


  • Connects can be a great "front door" for people to meet new people and go deeper in the Word.


Are you ready to become a member of Inspire Church? Becoming a member of a local church is beneficial and biblical. If you're apprehensive, why not attend a class and see for yourself? You're not obligated to become a member if you go.


Have you been water baptized? Water baptism is not a suggestion but a command to every believer in scripture. If they've accepted Jesus as Lord and savior and have not been baptized, this is their next step!


Are you ready to join an Inspire team? Not only is this an awesome opportunity to recruit for your team, but this is a great way for people to build more relationships and contribute to the mission.


Suggest some great devotional ideas. A big part of growing into deeper relationship with Jesus is cultivating times of personal devotion outside of church. Here are some great suggestions you can make to your team:


  • Encourage them to join us once a month at Inspire Prayer nights!
  • Try a Bible reading plan (YouVersion App). Offer to read along with them to help for motivation and accountability.

  • Suggest they read a good book regarding spiritual disciplines. "Celebration of Disciplines" by Richard J. Foster is a great place to start!

  • Buy them their very own Life Journal (S.O.A.P.)


Inspire your teammates to give. Sometimes practicing regular generosity is the hardest thing to do. Yet when we begin to do this we not only help move the mission forward, but we also break the bondage of materialism over our lives.  


Encourage your teammates to participate in the next church event. Whether it's guys' or girls' nights, Theology and Coffee, missions trips, or a community serve day, let's become leaders who know how to mobilize our teams to action!


Give them opportunities to lead. Because our vision is to multiply services and multiply churches, we always need to be identifying leaders. Encourage your all-stars to step into the next step of leadership at Inspire!    

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