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next steps

Because we exist to inspire discipleship everywhere, it is vital that all leaders at Inspire Church look for opportunities to regularly encourage teammates to take their next steps of discipleship.

Here are 5 Next Steps you can encourage your team memebers!


Gospel Connect

Every year we hold a "Gospel Connect" workshop where you will learn not only what the gospel is, but how to apply it to everyday life. 

Water Baptism


At our annual church picnic we hold baptisms. Sign up if you might be interested in attending a baptisim class. 

Next semester sign up for a group. You weren't meant to journey alone, but you were created for community. 

City Teams

Join us in our next city teams opportunity. Where we can be missional not just across the world, but across the street, and meet the needs of our community. 

Leadership Development

Take the next step in your journey and consider leadership development.

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