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The essence of discipleship is learning. As followers of Christ called to lead his church, we should be committed to a lifetime of learning. Always remember, that when the leader gets better, everyone gets better.


If you want to learn, you’ll have to remain teachable. Being teachable means being humble and admitting that you don’t know everything. A leader who is teachable is a leader who is not afraid to ask questions and not afraid to ask for help.   


If you want to learn, you’ll have to make learning a priority. If you’re not intentional about dedicating time in your week to learning, the business of life will always get in the way. So, listen to a podcast on your way home from work or block out 15 minutes a day to read. Treat your time of learning as if it were an appointment with an important person.    


If you want to learn, you’ll have to uses a multitude of resources. Below is a small list of 5 podcasts and 5 books recommended by Pastor Philip and Pastor Roger to help jump-start your learning.

Below are 3 Habits of a Lifelong Learner:

Recommended Books

  • "Boundaries for Leaders: Results, Relationships, and Being Ridiculously in charge" Henry Cloud.

  • "Sticky Teams: Keeping Your Leadership and Staff on the Same Page" - Larry Osborne.

  • "How to Win Friends and Influence People." - Dale Carnegie

  • "Designed to Lead: The Church and Leadership Development" - Eric Geiger

  • "Transforming Discipleship: Making Disciples a Few at a Time" - Greg Ogden

  • "Turning Everyday Conversations into Gospel Conversations (3 Circles)" - Jimmy Scroggins, Steve Wright 

  • "Gospel Fluency: Speaking the Truths of Jesus into the Everyday Stuff of Life" - Jeff Vanderstelt, Jackie Hill Perry

  • "The Emotionally Healthy Church: A Strategy for Discipleship that Actually Changes Lives" - Peter Scazzero, Warren Bird

  • "The Deeply Formed Life: Five Transformative Values to Root Us in the Way of Jesus" - Rich Villodas, Pete Scazzero

Recommended Podcasts

  • 5 Leadership Questions Podcast

  • Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast

  • Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast

  • Church Leaders Podcast

  • The Unstuck Church Podcast

  • Emotionally Healthy Leader (Pete Scazzaro)

  • Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast


Inspire Church Rhythms:

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