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the why

Never forget why we exist as a church.

The mission fuels everything we do.

Inspire teams play a vital role in supporting and accomplishing the mission by:

We exist to inspire gospel-centered disciples living in rhythms of life

Providing a space for disciples at Inspire to regularly

activate their gifts, minister to the body of Christ,

and lead a life on mission in the local church.

As part of our discipleship and to ensure our team culture is healthy and honoring God, every team member makes these 6 commitments together: 


[ choose joy.]

Because serving in the body of Christ is my privilege, I’ll choose to serve with a grateful heart.

[own it.]

Share your ideas, take initiative, and go the extra mile!


[move people.]

Everything we do is so that people may know Christ, believe the Gospel, and take their next steps towards discipleship.


[make it fun.] 

Laugh often, play more games, and celebrate every win!


[integrity and honor.] 

As a disciple of Christ and a member of the team, I’ll honor all of my commitments and be a team player


[train others.] 

I’m not only called to be a disciple, but I’m called

to make disciples no matter what position or title I hold.

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