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What is a Temp Check?

Regular Temp Checks help ensure common colds do not turn into full-blown infections!

How do I conduct a Temp Check?


Get it on the calendar. (Although Temp Checks are designed to be casual, make them a repeated event throughout the year.

  • Leads, schedule Temp Checks with captains monthly.

  • Captains, schedule temp. checks with your team quarterly.


Keep it casual. This is not a meeting, so keep the conversation informal and brief. A Temp Check should not go longer than 7-10 min.


Ask the right questions. The key here is to let your teammate do most of the talking. This is your time to listen and focus on them.

  • How are you? How's life outside of Sundays?

  • How is your experience on the team going? How are you feeling about serving?

  • Do you have any feedback for me? Is there anything I can do to help improve the team?


Share important info in a timely manner. Once you've finished the Temp Check, determine your next step. If good feedback is given, if any issues are communicated, or if morale of the teammate seems to be low, discuss with leads as soon as possible concerning next steps.

A Temp Check is a simple one-on-one conversation designed to gauge an individual team member's morale. Much like a thermometer, this conversation is designed to discern how "hot" or how "cold" a particular person is on your team. Once you've determined their temperature, you can decide whether or not any further action is needed.

Remember, the goal of the Temp Check is to check a person's temperature, not diagnose the problem. If there is something wrong, discuss next steps with your lead. Below are 4 Keys to Remember when conducting a Temp Check.

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