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"I C N U"

We start by becoming masters of the “I C N U” conversation. Check out this 2 minute video that will teach you how have these simple yet highly effective conversations.


Pray: Pray that God will show you what He has placed in them to benefit the body of Christ and move the mission forward.

Plan: Plan out what you will say. The most encouraging and envisioning conversations are planned and intentional. Think through what you see in them and what God is showing you. What are their strengths? When have you seen them thrive? How have they already made a difference in others? What potential do you see in them that they may not see in themselves? How else could they make a difference in others, the church, or community? Write these down.



Proceed: Remember the goal of the ICNU conversation — it is to encourage the individual and invite them into considering the next level of leadership. Keep the conversation clear and concise.

One of your most important roles we have as leaders is to identify potential and then develop that potential. At Inspire Church we are always looking to train new leaders. Having more leaders increases our capacity to accomplish the mission and vision of Inspire. So, when it comes to identifying leaders, where do we start?  

Best Practices Recap:

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