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My goal is to be available to all group leaders helping them facilitate their groups confidently through life-changing discussions and processes. I will also be available to speak personally with anyone in your group that may need more intentional care. 

Jamila Mosi-Muela, EHC Support

Online Articles

(Almost) Everything You Need to Know About Leading a Small Group

Great tips and practical prep for leading and growing with your club

Emotionally Healthy Discipleship Podcasts

For podcasts related all things emotionally healthy discipleship


Leader EHC Book Summary

A summarized version of the EHC Book which pulls out the main ideas and concepts for each chapter. An ideal companion to the book especially for those leading book clubs.

The Emotionally Healthy Church Workbook

Email, Referral,

& Meditation

Communicate directly with our group leads to answer any specific questions, discuss issues, direct them to online resources, provide advice, and make determinations regarding further consultation with “expert” counselors.

Expert Consultation

Refer to licensed counselors and psychologists for their expert understanding and possible interventions.

Connect w/ Inspire

Prayer Team (Optional)

Relay heavier prayer needs to be given to our prayer team. There are many spiritual and emotional barriers and obstacles to change. While counseling expertise is very practical and effective, prayer or intercession also has its place in facilitating revelation, change, and healing in the life of the disciple.

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