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Q2 Deeper Together


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What is a Connect?

An Inspire Connect is a group of people growing in Christ together.

Why join a Connect?

As disciples of Christ, we were never meant to walk this faith journey alone.  Instead, Jesus has called us to walk alongside others who would encourage us, love us and even challenge us to grow deeper in Him and in His Word.  Joining a connect is taking your next step as a disciple of Christ.

What's the commitment?

Our Connects follows a quarterly schedule with breaks throughout the year. During the Summer we replace connect groups with our special summer weekly event: "Theology & Coffee". Our first quarter is 10 weeks long (September - November) with a holiday break in December. Our hope is that you would be a part of Connect all-year long and that you would discover and develop friendships and community that will last a lifetime!

How do I join?

For more information, including addresses, simply fill out the Connect form above and our Connect Leads will be more than happy to find the Connect that best fits your schedule and location. Also, feel free to ask any of our serve staff about the various Connect locations on any Sunday that you attend.

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