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Do you know the birthday of those on your team? This is one great small way to care for your team. You can access their birthdates in the “PEOPLE” tab in Planning Center. Send a group text, shout out on social media, celebrate in huddles, etc.


This is another great way to care for someone on the team. Maybe you heard that someone on your team has been sick or about to have a baby, or maybe just because. Get a meal train going and ask people on your team to sign up to provide a meal(s) for an individual on your team.

Thank you

Pull someone aside and tell them “thank you” and how grateful you are for their contribution to the team. Do this often with everyone on your team, and it will go a long way.

Here are a few small ideas that make a big impact when caring for your team:

Now it’s your turn to use these, or other creative ways you can come up with to care for your team. 

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